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      • Fast Turn-Around Time

      • Help Clearing Title Issues

      • Amazing Customer Service

      • Flexible Hours
        After 5PM & Weekend Availability

      • I Can Assist with Out of State
        and Out of the Country Closings

      • LLC Creations
Intro To Your Title Gal

I'm Erika Weichel and I come from an extensive 17 year background in the Real Estate Industry.  Some of my titles included Real Estate Assistant, Closer, Title & Escrow Office Manager and I worked for a title insurance underwriter. 

I was introduced to real estate investing about six years ago and bought my first investment property and rehabbed it.  I started attending investor meetings, networking, and discovered that many people were interested in my knowledge of title, lending options, claims, along with other general questions. That is when I had my "AHA!" moment and created my company to put my knowledge and expertise to work for you to help you grow your business.

I have access to quick turn around times on title searches, title insurance, convenient closings and working with other investment specialists to provide optimum service to you.  I do the processing myself, work up your HUD and document packages, so you will not be waiting in line behind other customers at the title company for your figures or packages for review. Deals are not always simple and can be creative - That is why you have me.  I understand investors and together we can come up with a solution to make sure your deal is done the right way.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: If it is possible I will get it closed.  I have driven half way across the state -I have even closed a deal on top of a gum ball machine in a liquor store. I have done them all!  I can accommodate different time zones and walk you through the entire process.  I am free to you -  the title company pays me so you don't! Take advantage and try out my company.  There is no risk and I know you will be a returning client. I am excited to start working together!

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